No Such Erro r

This site is a record of the music made by No Such Error.
Some people don't know when to give up.

Fear Free Pelato 2:31 mp3s/NoSuchError_FearFreePelato_v2.mp3
Lousy w/ Feds 3:29 mp3s/NoSuchError_LousyWithFeds_v1.4.mp3
Copacetic Discombobulation 4:32 mp3s/NoSuchError_Copacetic Discombobulation_v1.mp3
Exothermic 4:20 mp3s/NoSuchError_Exothermic_v2_2.mp3
Vanquish Vauxhall Vipers 3:29 mp3s/NoSuchError_VanquishVauxhallVipers_v1.mp3
Errorphile 4:17 mp3s/NoSuchError_Errorphile_v3.mp3
Three Oh-one Pukes Rule 3:49 mp3s/NoSuchError_ThreeOhOne_Pukes_Rule_v1.mp3
Scamdemic 2019 4:30 mp3s/NoSuchError_Scamdemic_2019_v2.mp3
Dance of the Spiteful Mutants 2:12 mp3s/NoSuchError_DanceOfTheSpitefulMutants_v1.mp3
Cell to Sinecure 3:52 mp3s/Cell_to_Sinecure_v1.mp3
Obdurate Offender 4:21 mp3s/ObdurateOffender_Master_4.mp3
Kinked Inkling 3:26 mp3s/KinkedInkling_Master_2.mp3
Nudge Machine 3:12 mp3s/NudgeMachine_master_7.mp3
Distofia 4:44 mp3s/Distofia_Master_3.mp3
Played and Betrayed 3:23 mp3s/PlayedAndBetrayed_master_1.mp3
The Ohwellian Dream 3:47 mp3s/TheOhwellianDream_master1.mp3
Abnegate Clowns 3:49 mp3s/AbnegateClowns_master_3.mp3

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* * * The Follies of M scored by Bill Cargill is now available for online viewing * * *

There is also a graphical notation generator here called forHandclappers. Its aim is to provide easily interpretable scores for gathered musicians to improvise around. It's a way of involving computers in music making without them being present in the resultant sounds. If you've got a group and don't want to keep running through your set, give it a try, you don't need to be able to 'read music'. There's more info on the page.

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