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This site is a record of the music made by No Such Error. Some of the music is purely electronic, some are songs, some is improvised. We are Bill Cargill and Mark Bothwick in South London.

* * * The Follies of M scored by Bill Cargill is now available for online viewing * * *

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Obdurate Offender 4:21 mp3s/ObdurateOffender_Master_4.mp3
Kinked Inkling 3:26 mp3s/KinkedInkling_Master_2.mp3
Nudge Machine 3:12 mp3s/NudgeMachine_master_7.mp3
Distofia 4:44 mp3s/Distofia_Master_3.mp3
Played and Betrayed 3:23 mp3s/PlayedAndBetrayed_master_1.mp3
The Ohwellian Dream 3:47 mp3s/TheOhwellianDream_master1.mp3
Abnegate Clowns 3:49 mp3s/AbnegateClowns_master_3.mp3

There is also a graphical notation generator here called forHandclappers. Its aim is to provide easily interpretable scores for gathered musicians to improvise around. It's a way of involving computers in music making without them being present in the resultant sounds. If you've got a group and don't want to keep running through your set, give it a try, you don't need to be able to 'read music'. Its still in development. There's more info on the page.

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