Experienced sound designer and composer for animation, video and digital multimedia. Methods include field recording, Foley, synthesis and performance. Using sound to create unique atmospheres and convincing environments, to heighten emotions and breathe life into animations.

I am a working location sound recordist and studio engineer. I also work as a sound assistant on the live television show Sunday Brunch broadcast by the UK's Channel 4.


Buddi – Season 1 – sound design and mix (stereo and 5.1) for this 16 episode Netflix Original Series released in March 2020.

Diableries – One Night In Hell – sound design and mix including Dolby Atmos for this internationally acclaimed short animation from Brian May.

The Follies of M – music, sound design and voiceover recording for this short, hand drawn animation currently competing in various international festivals including KLIK! (Amsterdam).

Unanico Group – sound and music for various projects from this animation and game company including Totter Mini (iOS) and TV pilots Buddi and Wonder Wizards.

Magnetic Giraffe – Audio Recording and Sound Solutions
Started in 2012, the business partnership offers sound design and music composition as well as recording, Foley/FX, ADR/voiceover and mixing services. Having worked on feature films, games, corporate videos and outside broadcasts we have good working relations with Tom & Jones, Film Creatives, NK Productions and our clients have included Amazon, Google and Pernod Ricard.


2007 – 2011 University of the West of England
BSc(Hons) Music Systems Engineering (first class)

2001 – 2003 University of the West of England
Post Graduate Diploma in Creative Sound Production


I am an experienced musician, recording and performing with No Such Error and Broadcast. I am competent with HTML technologies (CSS, JavaScript, jQuery), coding (Csound, C++) and video editing (Premiere) as well as a multitude of audio software.

Bill Cargill in Helsinki, 2019